Nike Basketball Catalog Fall (1990)

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Let’s take a look at the Fall 1990 Nike Basketball Catalog courtesy of Flat Top Hi Top.

We start off with the Air Jordan V in the three original colors. What more can I say? They look as hot today as they did in 1990. A few pages later we see the Air Jordan Warm Up suit with removable sleeves converting the top into a vest.

On the opposite page we look at the Air Flight ’90. Notice the padded tongue and plastic side panels. These were the high-end professional grade Flights in the catalog at $115 and Visible Air units.

The Air Solo Flight ’90 was the scaled down Flight sneaker in the catalog and seem to be made for fashion more than performance. The Solo Flights have the same shape as the Air Flight but do not have the air bubble or plastic side panels. You’ll also notice these are in the neon colors that were trending at the time. These sneakers were rocked hard by the Fresh Prince and Brendan Walsh from the OG Beverly Hills 90210.

After the Jordan Warm Up we get into the Force portion of the catalog. In the early 1990’s Nike presented the Flight line for guards and small forwards vs Force for big men. The Air Force V and Air Ultra Force are very similar in design and incorporate the same philosophy as the previous Flight models with both professional and scaled down versions of the featured Force sneaker of the season. The Air Force Five was made famous on the court and in the catalogs by David Robinson. A few pages later we are shown an epic acid washed denim warm up suit to go with the Fall 1990 Force offerings.

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