GT Bicycles Catalog (1987)

  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_01
  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_02
  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_03
  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_04
  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_05
  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_06
  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_07
  • 1987_gt_bicycles_catalog_08

Yeah dude. This is the complete 1987 GT BMX Catalog. 1987 marked the height of Freestyle and the beginning of the neon takeover. If you ask me, this is the year GT peaked. The Pro Freestyle Tour and Pro Performer were on every suburban kid’s Christmas wish-list that year. The colors, patented Odyssey Gyro, and mag wheels were everything back then. If you added some mushroom grips and dice air valve caps, you were straight killing it.

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