Rock N’ Roll Tennis (1991)

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A year after the Hot Lava Air Tech Challenge II, Nike and Agassi paired up once again for the Air Tech Challenge 3/4 and a genius ad campaign known as Rock N’ Roll Tennis. With the help of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the new message was to Hit The Ball As Loud As You Can once again with the help of neon tennis sneakers, acid washed denim shorts and neon compression tights.

These sneakers released once again in 2005, but many sneakerheads complained that the neon wasn’t as bright as these originals, and since Agassi wasn’t signed with Nike at the time, his signature tennis ball logo was missing from the heel. These two modifications had purists grumbling, but now that Nike seems to be rolling with Challenge Court retros, maybe we’ll see these will make a proper comeback?

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