1974 World Cup

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With the World Cup coming to Brazil this summer, I decided to take look back 40 years to the 1974 tournament in West Germany. The purpose of this post isn’t to recap all the highlights, because frankly, I’m more interested in the photographs than describing how the 1974 World Cup played out. I’m sure you don’t really care either.

The 1974 photos are interesting to me because of the heightened sense of individuality and style among the players compared to 1970. In this gallery we see Eusebio rocking a nice afro with lamb-chop sideburns, The Zaire Leopards’ classic uniforms, and Italy’s bench looking as cool as ever. You can still learn a lot about men’s fashion just by watching an Italian soccer match. Have you ever noticed how perfect their coach’s suits are tailored? Even their hooligans wear Moncler jackets.

The 1974 World Cup was won by West Germany, who’s team was anchored by legends Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller. The Germans defeated The Netherlands in the Final and became the first team in history to win both the European Championship and the following World Cup, two years later.

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