Nike Challenge Court (1991)


If there’s one pair of Agassi’s on every sneakerheads short-list of desired retros, these have to be it. We have seen the re-introduction of the Air Tech Challenge II and most recently the ’92 Huarache version, but now that we can look back at all of the Agassi’s equally, these might just be the hardest mofos out of them all. Nike released some mutant hybrid version of these a few years ago that didn’t do the originals any justice. There was also the white version with the same tie-dye style heel that was worn by Jimmy Connors during his 1991 U.S. Open run. That version was actually retroed in 2000 and nobody (including myself), seemed to notice at the time. I’m actually not sure if the first retros ever made it to America, but here’s to the U.S. hopefully getting a re-issue of the 1991 joints featured here.

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