Do The Right Thing (1988)

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Do The Right Thing has to be the greatest sneaker movie ever made. The whole thing plays out like a Nike commercial as every character is wearing a fresh pair of kicks from 1988. Shit. These unreleased Air Jordan IV’s pictured above are still just prototypes!

Here are screenshots of the classic scene where Buggin’ Out gets his Jordan’s all scuffed up by that guy in the Larry Bird jersey. I’m not going to describe how it plays out here because you’ve either already seen the movie or need to watch it if you consider yourself a classic sneaker aficionado.

Jordan Brand released some DTRT Air Jordan I’s a few years ago that didn’t make much sense to me in concept (since shoes never appeared in the movie), but loosely replicated the metallic Air Jordan 1’s from back in the day, so I guess there’s no harm in that.

Other Nike models prominently featured throughout the film are the Air Revolution, Air Trainer III, Air Windrunner, Air Delta Force and Air Force II.

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