Grain Surfboards

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For the past few years it’s been impossible not to notice the affect surf culture is having on men’s style. From Saturday’s to Pilgrim, to the new Patagonia shop on Bowery, many elements of surf culture are being incorporated into this new premium lifestyle fashion.

I stopped in to pay a visit to the crew at Grain Surfboards in York, Maine. Not only is each board visually stunning, every one is handcrafted using only Maine-grown red and white cedar. Each and every part of the creation process comes from locally sourced materials. From the time a seed sprouts in the Northern Woods until that wood is shaped into a board and reaches the ocean, it all happens in one place.

Grain Surfboards uses only locally grown sustainable-yield woods that ensures each custom piece is unique and designed to last a lifetime. Additionally, none of the boards ever contain foam, veneer, or polyester resin. They don’t even use a stain; just two colors of wood. Founder Mike LaVecchia carefully chooses each and every material used in production, including their “bio-epoxy” made from Vermont cheese.

If you want to take the creation process a step further and really personalize it, Grain offers classes where you can build your own board with the help of a team member. For those of you in New York City who can’t make it to Maine, don’t worry. Grain Surfboards is offering their first-ever four-day NYC workshop which will be hosted by Patagonia Bowery on February 6th – 9th 2014.

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