Imsoaune, Morocco

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During a recent trip to Marrakech we decided to leave the city for a few days and head for the ocean. I mentioned once before how much I enjoy staying and exploring with locals when I travel and this excursion is a perfect example of the reasons why. My good friend and expert on all things Moroccan, Younes Fizazi, hooked up this weekend trip to Imsoaune.

First of all, this place is remote. When we got in the car to leave the city, I asked where we were going and the response was simply, To The Roots. My brain was sufficiently tanned by this time and I’m always up for an adventure, so that was a good enough explanation for me. The drive is tricky and takes roughly 3.5 hours so if you’re going to attempt this trip make sure you leave in the morning and don’t mind driving along eroded cliffs in order to arrive. The destination is on the western coast of Morocco, roughly halfway between Agadir and Essaouira. On a brief side note – It is a fact that Jimi Hendrix visited Essouira in the late 1960’s. Many locals claim the location was the inspiration for Castles Made of Sand, but further research suggests that Jimi’s trip to Morocco came after the recording of Axis: Bold As Love.

Upon arriving in Imsoaune I realized that “The Roots” explanation was pretty accurate. This town is a very small surfing and fishing village with very few places to stay. In the ultimate move, my man Younes rented us the house that was used by the O’Neil Surf Team a few years ago when they filmed Close Encounters. Mother nature didn’t treat us to the overhead barrels seen in this video, but the accommodations, local people and customs were all very inviting and worth the trek out there for those in search of waves.

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