Valley Of Fire

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With trade show season upon us, some readers will be heading out to Las Vegas, so I figured I’d tell you about Valley Of Fire State Park. I know most people fly into Vegas and never leave the strip, but if you happen to have a free day out there, definitely consider driving fifty miles northeast of the city to check this place out.

The name of the park is derived from the red sandstone formations that cover almost 40,000 acres and glow bright red and orange when the sun hits them. There’s one main road you can drive along with several hiking trails that make you feel like you’re spending the day pleasantly exploring the planet Mars. In fact, most of the Mars scenes from Total Recall were filmed right here. The sand dune formations pictured are 150 million years old, which is hard to even comprehend. We’re talking huge red rock craters in the middle of the dessert where mf’ing dinosaurs probably lived.

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