Nike Running Catalog (1991)

  • 1991_nike_catalog_01
  • 1991_nike_catalog_02
  • 1991_nike_catalog_05
  • 1991_nike_catalog_06
  • 1991_nike_catalog_07
  • 1991_nike_catalog_11
  • 1991_nike_catalog_12
  • 1991_nike_catalog_13

1991 Nike Running Catalog. It looks like it’s from Germany. It starts off featuring the newly introduced Air Huarache that we’ve seen make a nice comeback recently. From here we get the Air 180 in orange / purple and the Air Structure in purple / teal. Were these colors released in the U.S.? I have to check. Keep scrolling through the slide show for the women’s colorways. 1991 neon colors popping off everywhere.

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