Diadora Tennis (1990)

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Believe it or not, there were a lot of amazing tennis shoes and brands to choose from in the early 1990’s. Nike’s Challenge Court line gets the most attention thanks to Andre Agassi, but Reebok was also rallying with them for years and smaller niche brands were also making quite an impact in the sport. I’ve showcased some Le Coq Sportif, K-Swiss and Prince already on this timeline, but right now we are going to take a look at Diadora.

Tennis enthusiasts most likely associate this brand with Bjorn Borg from the 1970’s, but here we have some ads from 1989-1991 that highlight Diadora’s Duratech range of tennis shoes, that (in my opinion) still hold up to today’s retro styling. We also see a Boris Becker signature model that came after his days with Puma and Ellesse. It may sound crazy now, but there were occasions during my middle school years that I passed on the newest Air Jordans in favor of European luxury tennis labels. Great design, construction and various colorways make these some of my favorite sneakers from this era.

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