Hugh Holland

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Hugh Holland started photographing skateboarders in 1975, when he was driving up Lauren Canyon Boulevard and noticed kids flying around with such effortless levels of grace and athleticism, that he knew it was perfect subject matter to capture on film. Holland spent the next three years documenting this era of skateboarding in Santa Monica, Venice, Kenter Canyon, Paul Revere and Brentwood Schools, photographing local legends and future heroes like Stacey Peralta and Jay Adams.

These photographs capture an influential era of skateboarding history with a distinctive style unique to Holland, who shot many of his most famous photographs in schoolyards and abandoned pools during the late afternoon hours, while the sun was setting. You’ll notice many of the skaters wearing bold color-blocked Vans Era sneakers, which were the inspiration for Classic Kicks 2008 collaboration. You can find more images at Hugh Holland’s website and in his book Locals Only.

Slideshow Images
1. Reach Out (1976)
2. Stacey Peralta Ripping at Coldwater Canyon Pool (1977)
3. Dog Day Down, Kenter Canyon Elementary (1976)
4. A Break On The Concrete (1970s)
5. Green Coping (1976)
6.Sidewalk Surfer, Huntington Beach (1976)
7. Asphalt Angel, Kenter Canyon (1976)
8. Tube Socks on Board, Marina Del Rey Skate Park (1977)

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